Weekend Tournament (2nd-3rd July)

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Weekend Tournament (2nd-3rd July)

Beitrag von Mitchell » Freitag 1. Juli 2016, 16:38


My name is Mitchell, and I'm one of the guys from Australia who have been coming to training for the last couple of months. We heard there was a tournament this weekend and were wondering if you still needed players as three of us would be interested in playing. If yes, could someone please provide me with the address (I know to get off at the S-Bahn station at Weßling, however I'm not sure where the park is). Also, what time should we arrive tomorrow and how much money will player/team registration cost? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Weekend Tournament (2nd-3rd July)

Beitrag von FlowRi » Freitag 1. Juli 2016, 19:29

Hey Mitchell,
link to the map: https://goo.gl/maps/LmnqhswvSLu
further information to the tournament in this thread: http://www.tiefseetaucher.com/forum/vie ... =12&t=4607
For further questions aks there.

Wolfgang, starts with the S-Bahn at 9:05 at munich central station. You will find him in the first part of the train.
First match of Tiefseetaucher at 10:40.

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Re: Weekend Tournament (2nd-3rd July)

Beitrag von Wolfgang » Freitag 1. Juli 2016, 20:13

Hi Mitchell,

like this FlowRi guy wrote, I'll be on the S-Bahn leaving central station at 9:05. Please bring a light blue and a dark green shirt and everything else needed to master a tournament. I will stay there over night. If you wanna stay there, too, bring camping gear.
Furthermore, please bring some cash. Players fee is 15€, and you might need some money for food and beer.
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