Moving To Munich

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Moving To Munich

Beitrag von NickAlamo » Montag 12. März 2018, 18:02

Hello everyone! I'm sorry to write in English but I'm still learning German, I am an American moving to Munich in 10 days and am interested in joining the local ultimate community. I've been playing ultimate in the USA for the last 7 years and am hoping to join in some local training and pickup games, and am excited to meet everyone!

In addition to that, I'm also looking for an apartment or room to rent. I'm starting school at TUM-Garching and just like most people in Munich I'm struggling to find an apartment. I'm 25 and outside of ultimate I really like to hike, surf, drink beer, and generally hang out.

If anyone has any leads or suggestions I'd be very happy to receive them. I look forward to meeting everyone in a couple of days!

-Nick Smith

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Re: Moving To Munich

Beitrag von Catrin » Sonntag 25. März 2018, 13:16

Hej Nick,

I really hope you have found something to live in - it is hard to find a flat in Munich, but not impossible ;)

For students playing Ultimate in Munich: (well, you obviously have hit this page already ;)
and ... isbee.html
--> get started (booking opens tomorrow): ... _7_50.html,
--> play ultimate (booking opens March 28th): ... isbee.html

more information about Ultimate in Munich:

See you around!
Cheers, Catrin